Now, You’re In Motion

Jennifer Simpson
4 min readJan 10, 2024

(In a Divided World)

Illustration of the earth, fractured and fragmented
Does it ever feel like there’s no good place to start to heal what divides us?

In my last article, I wrote about the importance of finding fellow travelers when you are trying to do something new or change something for which there are no good maps. Once you bravely take that first step, though, what’s next? How do you find the people and foster the conditions for real and lasting change?

The seeds of innovation necessary to achieve real breakthroughs is already all around us. Often we don’t do a good enough job of creating the conditions for people, with the right set of disparate ideas, to understand that the missing piece might be sitting just on the other side of what feels like an intractable divide, though.

Many of us haven’t learned to react with curiosity in the face of difference and so have little experience with the power that discovering such breakthroughs can bring.

In a world that feels more divided than ever, finding lasting solutions requires a new kind of leadership — focused on building the organizations and systems that support and reward a different and better way of doing things. Breakthrough leaders are needed to get there. If you’re here and reading this, you might be one of them.

A spinning swirl of light and motion

Once you have decided to be courageous and lean into leading change, there are four things you can focus on to unleash the power of creativity all around you:

  • Be KIND: Google conducted a detailed analysis of what made their most successful teams effective and overwhelmingly found that Psychological Safety was the number 1 factor in whether teams were great, or meh. The days of expecting living, breathing, humans to “check their identity at the door” are over. We know that to get the full benefit of people’s diverse thinking, we need environments in which people feel safe to speak up without fear of humiliation or retribution.
  • Be OPEN: When complex problems require co-creative problem-solving, shared access to relevant information becomes a crucial ingredient to building trust and liberating creativity…



Jennifer Simpson

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